Suffern, NY/Mahwah, NJ
"Suffern's Deborah TAXI"
I hope this blog page holds the info that you need.
Please email me with any other questions or scheduling info if you can.
I prefer to minimize phone time to acquiring necessary information.
I am probably driving.

Taxi by appt - I wait for you instead!
 My current hours are 
Mon - Fri  7am - 6pm.
Appts make everything possible!
 (weekends I am available only by advance appt)

*woman owned and operated business

Pink Taxis!

Almost twenty years ago, I started "pinking" my taxi. I have always felt that people should know from the start that I am different- I am a woman driver. Many people feel safer with a woman driver. Watch for my pink smiley faces!
Now NYC has "SheTaxis" and "SheRides" which is a new taxi service focusing on women drivers for women customers. This article in today's NY Times says,
" Now there is one more option: a female driver.
A new livery service starting Sept. 16 in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island will offer female drivers exclusively, for female riders, according to its founder. It will take requests for rides through an app, and dispatch drivers sporting hot pink pashmina scarves.
The service will be called SheTaxis — SheRides in New York City because of regulations barring it from using “taxi” in its name — and aims to serve women who may feel uncomfortable being driven by men, or who simply prefer the company of other women. The app will ask potential riders if there is a woman in their party. If not, they will be automatically redirected to other car services.
The app will be available only through Apple, starting on Sept. 16 and will eventually be made available for Android devices."
“You feel safer and more comfortable with a woman.”