Suffern, NY/Mahwah, NJ
"Suffern's Deborah TAXI"
I hope this blog page holds the info that you need.
Please email me with any other questions or scheduling info if you can.
I prefer to minimize phone time to acquiring necessary information.
I am probably driving.

Morning After Pickups for New Year's Day

Morning After Pickups -
Appointments are currently being accepted. 
If I drop you off at your late night Party, I will pick you up in the morning as scheduled. 
If you get there on your own, you can plan ahead and leave your car keys with me. 
Your car can be picked up and dropped off at your home for you after you start out with your friends.
When you wake up in the morning, the car is in the driveway.
However you need to do it, I can make it work.
Email deborahtaxi@gmail.com or 
text or call 845-300-0332

Don't drink and drive - stay safe!

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