Suffern, NY/Mahwah, NJ
"Suffern's Deborah TAXI"
I hope this blog page holds the info that you need.
Please email me with any other questions or scheduling info if you can.
I prefer to minimize phone time to acquiring necessary information.
I am probably driving.

Hi - Remember to plan ahead. 
Appointment only. 
Please call me in advance to schedule your trip.
Due to Uber, I am no longer taking last minute calls.
I am happy to take you to the doctor or the supermarket - or wherever. Just let me know in advance.
I wait for you so you don't wait for me.
Appalachian Trail Rides
TEXT 845-300-0332
EMAIL DeborahTaxi@Gmail.com

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Hi!! I love when you call and need my help - I am so upset when you call the same day! I work only by appointment so that I can help everyone. Please plan your trips in advance. Send me and email or a text and I will add you to my calendar.
Need me? 
Best way to reach me is by text!!
Try to plan ahead and contact me in advance
so I can fit you into my schedule.
For your convenience, I provide service to Harriman Park hikers and campers, Beaver Pond Campsite, Sebago Cabins, Baker Cabins, Lake Welch, Appalachian Trail thru-Hikers, regional attractions, ski areas (such as Tuxedo Ridge, Mount Peter, Mountain Creek), Renaissance Faire and also meet arrivals from NJTransit and Metro North Trains, Coach line Buses, Short Line Coach USA. My 7 passenger vehicle is available to transport you for weddings, proms, day trips, corporate events and more. Call me to schedule doctor visits or even shopping trips.
Have you camped at  #Beaver Pond Campground

or stayed at #Sebago Cabin Camp in Harriman State Park?
I can get you there so you can check in, drop your gear and spend the rest of the day hiking and swimming. Let me know which bus or train you will be coming in on and I will be there waiting.

The only thing you need to do is arrange your trip with me in advance. Is this a regular taxi? No!!! 
I am better than a taxi!
deborahtaxi@gmail.com or text 845-300-0332


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