Suffern, NY/Mahwah, NJ
"Suffern's Deborah TAXI"
I hope this blog page holds the info that you need.
Please email me with any other questions or scheduling info if you can.
I prefer to minimize phone time to acquiring necessary information.
I am probably driving.

Fall, 2013- I am available anytime I can be, however, please email or call to make those arrangements in advance. 
I have a schedule that I follow so that I don't forget you. I prefer to turn down a customer, rather than arrive late or not show up with the excuse of a sudden 'flat tire'.
I have explained to customers in the past about the traffic conditions and that I cannot be late- please don't get upset when I say no due to traffic (I might be stuck in it) because the next time I say no to a customer it could be you that I don't want to be late for. I will not go into a traffic jam that will make me late for someone else.
My current hours are Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm. 
(By appt in advance on the weekends)
Due to severe and chronic health issues for more than a year, I have cut back my hours significantly from the past. I try to rest in the middle of the day, or schedule appointments for that part of the day. 
I have learned through the years that my commuter hours are the first 3 and the last 3 hours of my day.
I receive many phone calls for rates to the Nyack mall or to the airports. I don't go there. I make trips to Paramus or to Woodbury Commons but I generally stay in a local area from Suffern to Ramsey to Tuxedo to Mahwah to Ridgewood, more or less. (My rates are exorbitant for areas that I don't transport customers because callers won't accept"no, I am sorry" as my answer.)

If you are calling me to ask for rates, they will be high but if you are a regular customer with a rate question, I will give you the actual, lower, rate by phone. I find that I get more calls for rate information from my competitors than I do from customers needing transportation!
I work alone. 

There is only one me. I do not have a husband or a cousin doing my work. I will never send send someone else to pick you up (except in a situation in which i have discussed it with you and you know who is arriving to replace me and why).
My taxi always has smiley faces on it. They have been there for 18 years! 
My vehicle is safe and well maintained. 
I don't work 24 hours a day because I sleep and I do not take stimulants to accommodate everyone. My limitations are for your safety.
Please call me. Give my way a chance. If I don't answer the phone, leave a message or better yet, email me!

(My phone is on silent mode when I am unavailable so 20 more calls won't make me answer it )

Once again, current hours: Monday- Friday 7am - 6pm
No airports